Fees & Limits | Cash Passport Platinum Travel Money Card

Our fees and limits

Fee Amount

Debit Card Load fee (including Initial Loads and Reloads)

Additional to any other applicable fees

0.5% of the amount loaded, per Debit Card Load transaction

Administrative fee (in-store only)

When you purchase your card and load or reload in-store, with the help of customer service representative

Up to the greater of 1% or $10 of load/reload amount

Domestic ATM fee

Each time you withdraw cash from an ATM in NZ


International ATM withdrawal fee (outside NZ)

Each time you withdraw cash from an ATM outside of NZ

Specific fees per currency apply – see PDS for more detail*

Currency Conversion Fee

When you transact in a currency that is not loaded on your Card, or when there are insufficient funds in a currency and another available Currency/ies is used to fund the transaction.

5.95% of the transaction value.

New card (online via web)


Load/Reload (online using Bank Transfer or Bill Payment)


Additional card (back-up card at time of purchase) or Replacement card (lost or stolen


Cash out – (online only)


Domestic card to card (when you transfer money from/to another NZ Cash Passport)



 *Some ATM operators may charge an additional withdrawal fee.

Please refer to the PDS for further information about fees applicable to the product

Limit Amount

Maximum number of Cards you may hold in your name at any one time (not including any linked additional card that you may have purchased).


Maximum amount per load/reload

NZD$25,000 or currency equivalent

Maximum Bank Transfer or Bill Payment Reload amount per day


Maximum Debit Card Load amount in any 24 hour period


Maximum Debit Card Load amount in any 7 day period


Maximum Debit Card Load amount in any 30 day period


Maximum you can withdraw from ATMs in any 24-hour period (some ATM operators may set their own withdrawal limits which may be lower than this limit)

NZD$3,000 or currency equivalent

Maximum value of point of sale (POS) transactions performed in any 24-hour period

NZD $15,000 or currency equivalent

Maximum balance allowed at any one time across all currencies


Maximum amount you can load across all currencies during a 12-month period


Minimum amount per load/reload

NZD$250 or currency equivalent

Maximum cash you can withdraw over the counter at a financial institution in any 24- hour period (some financial institutions may set their own withdrawal limits which may be lower than this limit).

NZD$400 or equivalent

Domestic card to card

Maximum amount you can transfer to another New Zealand Cash Passport holder in any 24 hour period

NZD$20,000 or currency equivalent

Cash Passport purchased before 14th August 2018 

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